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bahrain water projects

with the goal of Engineering, Manufacturing, Assembly, and fabrication of various water purification systems. 

  • is having the flexibility and experience to engineering & assembly the packaged R.O. plants. Because of the water limitation sources, our region demands for the purification systems is increasing rapidly, therefore, our vital objectives of Universal Holding Group, Inc. is to fulfill our marketing requisition, with delivering the highest quality of water purification plants. 
  • In parallel, the Q-Technik with our engineers are capable to assemble the filtration systems in order to reduce the total suspended solids

  • Q-Technik for Gray Water Treatment
  • Q-Technik for Sewage Treatment Plants
  • Q-Technik for Reverse Osmosis Systems
  • Q-Technik for Iron and Manganese Removal
  • Q-Technik for River water Treatment
  • Q-Technik for Dialysis Pure Water
  • Q-Technik for Water Softeners
  • Q-Technik for De ionizers & DM Plants
  • Q-Technik for Filtration Systems
  • Q-Technik for Ultra-filtration Systems
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for Environmental Planning and Management Information Technology & Air Purification Systems:

The Services Offered:

  • Air Ware: Urban and Industrial Air Quality Assessment and Management
  • Environmental Impact Assessment Studies
  • Technical Risk Management and Assessment
  •  Integrated Water Resource Management and Multi- Criteria Optimization
  • Air Sterilization Systems: Duct Type, Portable Type & Disk Type
  • Duct Air Purification Systems UV1
  • Portable Air Purification Systems UV5
  • Portable Air Purification Systems UV6
  • Tree Air Purification Systems
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for various water treatment products and special technology that meet environmental compliance for great technology.

 At QSYS we offer:   

  • Central Filtration Systems CFU
  • The high quality products
  • The superior services
  • Short delivery
  • Competitive prices
  • Enough stock
  • Variation of items
  • Close relationship
bahrain water projects

for Specialty Chemicals. We recognize objectives for having the environmental projects which can meet the quality with the products and the final impact on the environment. Quality Systemtechnik and in order to comply with the big progress we established our specialty chemicals Q-Enviro® (Quality Environmental Chemicals) that will deliver the whole range of the chemicals against corrosion, scale, and microbiological growth.Q-ENVIRO®  is under license and supervision of the mother company in the USA. With their technical back up and support, we are able to meet the quality as well as the competitive prices.

Quality Environmental Chemicals Core Business are:

  • Water treatment chemicals for swimming pools.
  • Water treatment chemicals for Steam Boilers.
  • Water treatment chemicals for open cooling systems
  • Water treatment chemicals for the close circuit.
  • Water treatment chemicals for domestic systems
  • Water treatment chemicals for Reverse Osmosis.
  • Water treatment chemicals for sewage systems.
  • Water treatment chemicals for industrial waste.
  • Disinfection & Sterilization chemicals.
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For Tablet Salt & other nonharmful chemicals needed in the water treatment process and it's registered in the Environmental regulatory. Quality Systemtechnik is one of the best water treatment companies in the Middle East, having the integrated range of water treatment equipment and components such as residential products like under the sink, cartridges, commercial R.O., filters, housing, cooling, and hot water systems, storage tanks, ultraviolet, RO components, laboratory analysis, and spare parts. QSYS has grown very fast with the experienced management staff and the high qualified engineers